Karen Taylor Saunders recently finished Cinderella’s Sister, a humorous romantic novel of redemption.   In her next book, Love on Cue, an undercover Secret Service agent finds himself distracted by a sassy high school teacher shooting pool on an opposing team at the bar where he works.

Kari Sands is completing Here Be Magic, a fantasy complete with sexy elves, rebellion, and a Rasputin-like villain.

16 thoughts on “Books

  1. What an inspiration you are, Karen. Almost all avid readers believe they have a book deep within themselves. You have the courage and perseverance to do the work and actually write one! Looking forward to the day your book is published!

  2. Karen, I had no idea Maggie’s boyfriend’s (Bandit) Mama was an author. I’m so impressed. Can’t wait to read your work.

  3. This is so exciting…can’t wait to see your book in publication. Can we have a book signing at my house…There will be wine!

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